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15 years around the world 

 We are Diego, Anna, Mae and Oiuna, a nomad family. The world is our home, and we made the road by walking . 

Anna was born in France, in an Argentinean family, and with 20 years she traveled to Buenos Aires, to finish her study of photography and to discover Latino America. 

Diego was born in Argentina, in Coronel Pringles, and went to study economy and finance to Buenos Aires. He was working on a bank when he met Anna. 

 Both of us were dreaming to travel. Meeting each other has been what pushed up us to go for our dream. 

We left Argentina in September 2006 for one year travel but soon we decided that we will have a nomadic life style. 


We went from Argentina to Mexico by hitch hikking, and from Spain to China by cycle. 

In 2010 Mae was born. Now he is 10 years old and he is a lover of animal photograph and video, lover of snakes, stones and minerals. 
In 2014 Oiuna arrived, she sing to us and invent stories and songs. She dreams to have a cat on board... 

We four keep going, with our tent, by cycle, motorbike and mini van. 

We have  never known where we will go next. We improvise everyday, we follow the winds and our instinct. 

                                                                           What do we do "to live"? 

To live, we breathe in and we expire. To feel alive we live the present moment with the greatest possible intensity. To feel fulfilled, in addition to traveling, we try to share our experiences ... And we do that with the book that Anna wrote, and with her photographs, also with Diego's paintings, but we also give talks where we share our stories, we accompany pedagogical teams in alternatives schools and we do workshops. Yoga workshops, games, painting or photography ... We have been doing "school on the road" for years and we try to inspire other families as they have inspired us. We have had two births at home and Anna has accompanied two women and their babies. Companions as a doulas at the time of delivery / birth. In times of COVID we have learned to sow and reap. We also make videos to share about the journey, the nomadic life, and artists we meet on the way. You can find more ideas about alternative education in About breeding-la crianza, and see what we do in Our art work. They once told us that you don't live by love: you do live by love, because what is done with love and for love reaches others ...

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