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This book was originally written in Spanish, and later translated into English and Mandarin.

It is a book made from a deep need to share, to tell, to bring closer together. Between the stories of others and their own history, travel adventures and contemplations, reflections on time and the road, it is difficult to classify it: something between the self-fiction and the travel book.
Anna recounts here her first six years of travel, from Argentina to Mexico on foot and by hitch, and from Spain to China, Siberia and Mongolia by bicycle, first two and then three.
Diego accompanies Anna's stories with his paintings that emerge from the very white of the page, from the words and from her memories.

The Spanish version is out of print in Argentina and is only available in Latin America in its electronic book format. In Spain some bookstores still have the printed version. The printed version in English is out of print and the Chinese version is still available for those residing in China or Southeast Asia.

We continue to receive comments from readers, and it is the greatest gift that this book that already walks alone could have given us.

To have more information about the book and / or to buy it, click on the version that interests you:

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