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"I just took, sheet by sheet, a map of Argentina, from the ACA*. I got tempted and now I have lots of names and roads. I realize that I have never really looked at a map; I have traveled word to word, wind to rain, from hands and voices to memories and guitar. "


A map is something that catches us, it is a vehicle to achieve deep meditation, or rather reverie. We always have a big map, and sometimes we open it on the floor, we sit down ... and we start dreaming, or traveling.

2006- 2022 our steps

viaje caminando latino america
en tandem de a tres.jpg
en scooter 2.jpg

2022. El comienzo de una nueva aventura, al mar. 

en tandem.jpg
en scooter.jpg
en van.jpg
en patachina.jpg


2019-2020> Back to China and travel all around China, with  a mini van named "Pata China". 




2021. Around France and Spain, in 
an old caravan... and looking for a boat.

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