We are dreamers and lovers of freedom - Our names are Diego Anna Mae Oiuna and Zas the cat - We left Argentina in 2006, and went to Mexico on foot and hitchhiking - We then crossed to Spain and from there we went to China by bicycle - In the 2010 Maé was born, and we continue pedaling - In 2014 Oiuna was born, and the four of us continue on a motorcycle, a mini van and now a sailboat - We never know where we will go next - We improvise every day, we follow the wind and our instinct - There is no place to which we return, a house that waits, a structure that we carry- We live in the place where we are, we grow and change, we adapt, we improvise- Today home is our boat Tortuga, and the garden is the sea-

What do we do to "live"?

To live, we breathe, breathe, exhale- To feel alive, we live the present moment with the greatest possible intensity- To feel fulfilled, in addition to traveling, we try to share our experiences-There is never much, but there is almost always enough, because we learned a long time ago that the less you need the more freedom you acquire-

-In this moment of learning about the sea in which we are now, we propose our ebooks and Anna's photographic works handmade on board and printed on fine art paper, with delivery to your home- To know more, welcome at Our Artwork- Your support is very important so that we can move forward!!  



Tortuga is a trisbal 36, of the CMPF chantiers, built in 1977- She has an integral drift, and two keels- One central and one aft- She is a small aluminum boat, now armed in sloop- She has all the patience in the world for us to learn to sail it, to know it, to discover it- She made us gypsies of the sea and we made her our home-

See the last entries in the logbook

Photography by Anna

Come and have a look at our paths!

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